Who we are

We are a firm of experienced industry professionals, with extensive regulatory and operational backgrounds. We contribute shared energy, talent and capital to achieve common objectives of profitability and growth.

What we do

Our capital markets activities and institutional equity trading arms are augmented by a private wealth management group. We serve Canadian and international investors, providing them with the highest standards of investment acumen, insight and service. We conduct our relationships with integrity and independence.

What drives us

  • We believe in simplicity. In keeping things uncomplicated.
  • We align our interests with those of our clients.
  • We strive to be highly profitable, to ensure lasting independence. Expansion is driven by consistent earnings. Our operating structure is centered on agility, professional marketing, and drivers to growth - both in client base and in adding partners to the firm.
  • We believe in a transparent, lean corporate structure. We avoid costs and staff that produce no benefits for our clients or ourselves.