Transitioning your clients

You’ve assessed a move to a firm that matches your aspirations. Clearly, the discussion at this level needs to be realistic, and tuned to the effective transitioning and building of your client and asset base.
While not all clients will move, enhanced payouts and independence in setting fee revenues will support income stability, or produce immediate gains, despite a temporary drop in assets under management.
Shedding certain clients may allow an efficient refocus of your book.
Our proposition is that you want to run your business at assured payout levels, with certified ownership of your client base, while working with like-minded colleagues.
When you decide to join us, we have a detailed planning process to assist you making an effective switch between firms.

Key components

  • Forecasting the work load required to implement the transition.
  • Establishing client confidence: Marketing information sent includes firm background, asset security, and a biographic presentation adapted to you and your investment approach.
  • A follow up set of mailings to your clients to more fully familiarize them with your new firm – and present investment ideas you have selected.