Joining our firm

As an experienced advisor or portfolio manager, you want a business environment you can trust and grow your practice with.   Key trust issues include:

  • Your client base is yours, and yours alone, and moves with you if you decide to move.
  • Your investment strategies are your own, and reflect your experience and judgment.
  • Your portfolio fee revenue is determined by you, according to your business plan and your agreements with your clients.

Your profile

You are an established advisor or portfolio manager, familiar with full market cycles. You determine your own investment approach, your own view of the market, and your own client profile.

You have the experience to draw on independent research sources and discussions with informed experts when formulating your investment strategy.

You want to work with experienced associates who share your vision of an efficient and innovative firm operating with open and transparent management.

Your business and your clients are your own. Your investment firm must clearly recognize this.

Our profile

Our profile matches your profile. We bring broad experience in the advisory and portfolio management industry and regulatory environment to compliment your growth and ownership of your client base.