Power & Infrastructure

Jacob Securities Inc.’s genesis was on backs of a long-term trend of increasing global infrastructure investments. Despite volatile capital markets in recent years, this trend continues to gain momentum.


Various reputable studies peg the global infrastructure deficit at between $30 to $70 trillion dollars. Moreover, infrastructure related spending is expected to triple over the next two decades to sustain global economic growth. In the developed world, jurisdictions are dealing with once advanced infrastructure that now is at the end of its lifecycle. Whereas in the developing world like China and India, new layers of infrastructure are being created for the first time to support modernizing economies.


The Jacob Securities Inc. team works across the entire infrastructure spectrum. However, the bulk of the team’s work to date has been in the global power sector. More specifically, work in the renewable power sector. The Jacob Securities Inc. team was the first investment banking team in Canada to focus on renewables. In the last 7 years the Jacob Securities Inc. team has participated in more renewable transactions than any other investment bank in Canada.


Many of the drivers for renewable power adoption have shifted in the last 3-5 years. Despite this shift, renewable power is now the fastest type of new generation coming online in many of world’s largest economies.

Infrastructure related markets pose unique hurdles for investors and other participants. This can range from highly regulated environments to unique financial hurdles. Jacob Securities Inc. is committed to helping clients navigate these unique challenges from inception to production.




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